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Are you interested in supporting your community right in your back yard?  If so, the Menomonee Valley is the place for you to be. 


Form a "Stew Crew" and Adopt-a-Trail

Join many other Valley businesses and nearby community groups by helping to keep the Menomonee River Valley and Hank Aaron State Trail clean and beautiful.  “Stew Crews” are a great way for interested organizations, businesses and neighborhood groups to spend time outdoors, build team spirit, and care for their “own” section of the trail.  Caring for the trail includes litter patrol, removal of non-native plant species and planting native species.  For more information, please contact Catrina Crane at (414) 274-4657 or

Volunteer for a Day:

Menomonee Valley Partners hosts numerous volunteer events throughout the year including Earth Day Clean-up, Community Planting Day, and Seeds for the Future planting days with neighborhood schools. We also recruit volunteers for the annual Hank Aaron State Trail 5K Run/Walk event, Bike to Work Week, and other events throughout the year. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Catrina Crane at (414) 274-4657 or

Network with Valley Businesses: 

Join the Menomonee Valley Business Association and have the opportunity mvbato network with other Valley businesses.  Meetings are held each month at different Valley locations, and provide updates on what's happening in the Valley, as well as information from elected officials about policies and programs of interest to Valley business owners and employees.

Support Menomonee Valley Partners:

We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to revitalizing the Menomonee Valley for the benefit of the greater Milwaukee community. We strive to make Milwaukee's Menomonee Valley a national model of economic and environmental sustainability.

Sign up for our eNews:

Signing up for the quarterly eNews and periodic updates about Valley events is the best way to keep informed about what's happening in the Menomonee Valley and how you can get involved. Sign up here.

kids bikingBecome a Friend of the Hank Aaron State Trail: 
Menomonee Valley Partners works in partnership with the Friends of the Hank Aaron State Trail on many projects. By becoming a Friend of the Hank Aaron State Trail, you can help us with improvements along the Trail, from public art to environmental education.

Volunteer at the Urban Ecology Center:

Thanks to our many funding partners, project partners and a multi-million dollar gift from the Burke Foundation, The Urban Ecology Center and Menomonee Valley Partners opened the Center's Menomonee Valley branch on September 8th, 2012! The branch is an important milestone in our joint partnership, Menomonee Valley – From the Ground Up

Click here to see a list of the supporters of this amazing project.



You can make a difference!
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