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Last two parcels sold in Menomonee Valley Industrial Center

The last two parcels at the city-owned Menomonee Valley Industrial Center in Milwaukee are being sold — filling the business park 15 years after its development efforts began. 

Splat!dpi is currently located on Emmber Lane and will expand in a 2 acre parcel in the Menomonee Valley Industrial Center. Splat is a specialty commercial printer. 

Tom Mulhaney, of Badger Railing, has been in the Menomonee Valley since 1988, so he’s seen the valley change over the years. His old office used to look over what is now the Marquette playing fields. And in the morning, he would sometimes see cows wandering through and grazing, having escaped from the stockyards at a nearby slaughterhouse. The company moved to the Menomonee Valley Industrial Center in 2007.

Menomonee Valley Partners is thrilled that these two great Valley companies have chosen to grow in place in the Valley. 

Eleven businesses operate in the 60-acre industrial center with more than 1,400 employees.

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From no companies and no jobs to 11 companies and more than 1,400 jobs.
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