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St. Paul Ave lands fine art storage and gallery

To view the original article, visit the Journal Sentinel

Guardian Fine Art Services owner John Shannon stands

Photo: Journal Sentinel (Owner, John Shannon)

The 65,000-square-foot building, at 1635 W. St. Paul Ave., is now home to the new Guardian Fine Art Services. Guardian provides high-tech storage for paintings, photographs, sculptures and other artworks, as well as items that include antiquarian books, antiques and other valuable heirlooms. The building also is adding other arts-related services, including a street level gallery. 

Guardian Fine Art Services is one of several newer developments on the street, including Plum Media's offices, BrewCity CrossFit, and Third Space Brewing. Other businesses completing renovations include ProStar Surfaces and Christopher Kidd and Associates.

W St. Paul Ave is along a trajectory to become a design and showroom district, with such businesses as Riverview Antique Market, Guardian Fine Art Services, BBC Lighting, House of Stone and Brass Light Gallery.

To view the original article, visit the Journal Sentinel

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It's the only such facility in Wisconsin
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