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Free youth soccer coming to Valley

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Photo: Milwaukee Torrent

No cost soccer fields for neighborhood youth have long been part of the vision for the previous Milwaukee Road property at the Valley’s west end. Now that the Menomonee Valley Industrial Center is thriving with 10 corporations and nature is returning to more than 45 acres of park space, the time has come to invite youth from neighborhoods surrounding the Valley to play together on community soccer fields. The Milwaukee Torrent Community Foundation, which has a one-year license agreement with the City to program the fields with free soccer for local youth, is also organizing a weeknight adult soccer league of Valley business teams.

The fields are located in about 13 acres under the 35th Street Viaduct in the Menomonee Valley Community Park. Thanks to $1,000 contributions from Palermo Villa and the Valley Business Improvement District, a pair of soccer goals will be purchased for one of the fields in spring 2018. The Milwaukee Torrent Community Foundation announced an agreement with the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee to provide afterschool soccer to children at 10 Milwaukee Public Schools and, from April through September of 2018, at the Viaduct Fields

The Milwaukee Torrent Community Foundation's vision is to use the Viaduct Fields to provide an integrative youth soccer community, drawing children from neighborhoods, schools, and other organizations city-wide … for soccer programming provided to (1) children who cannot afford the cost of joining a soccer organization and (2) organizations who share the mission of providing low or no-cost soccer programs to City of Milwaukee children.

"It's great for the Torrent, it's great for the Foundation, it's great for Milwaukee and it's great for the kids," said Andreas Davi, the owner and head coach of the Torrent Foundation.
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