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600+ attended inaugural Valley Week!

From September 23-30, 2017, Menomonee Valley Partners and numerous Valley businesses hosted Valley Week - experiences and events to invite the community to explore and discover the Menomonee Valley. Through 10 events in eight days, Valley Week attracted nature lovers, history enthusiasts, job seekers, and those looking for a unique experience to discover the Valley. More than 600 people attended eventsmore than 1,000 participated in a Valley Week special promotion, and tens of thousands were reached through promotions and PR activities.

Valley Week was created to celebrate Milwaukee's Menomonee Valley: what is made here, who works here, all there is to do here, and the great jobs and careers here.

Thank you to Plum Media for complete production of this video on the Valley’s revitalization and the Campfire Stories:

 See the Inaugural Valley Week Recap here

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