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Huge investments on W St. Paul Ave

Milwaukee's W. St. Paul Ave. transforming from industrial to brewery, offices, galleries 

After sitting for decades with little change, the Menomonee Valley’s W St. Paul Ave is experiencing a surge of development after completion of the Menomonee Valley 2.0 Plan in 2015. The plan’s vision is helping to attract businesses  to the street and has laid a foundation of predictability that encourages investment. Richard Schmig of Plum Media says, “We recognized this area was right on the edge of starting to grow.”

  • ProStar Surfaces, a provider of professionally installed athletic surfaces, has moved into a leased 8,500-square-foot space in Brass Light Gallery’s building at 1101 W St. Paul Ave.
  • Third Space Brewing celebrated their one-year anniversary in their 11,000-square-foot brewery and tap room in September 2017. Thousands visit the popular brewery for tours, unique events, and to enjoy the outdoor beer garden.
  • Plum Media, a video production company, relocated to a two-story, historic, 13,000-square-foot building  at 1418 W St. Paul Ave in fall 2017.
  • BrewCity Crossfit, which provides classes in weightlifting and other fitness activities, moved to an 11,000-square-feet in a 20,000-square-foot building at 1601 W St. Paul Ave in fall 2017.
  • Christopher Kidd & Associates, an architectural firm, plans to complete renovations on its three-story, 13,300-square-foot building in 2018. They will use 7,000-square-feet and lease the remainder on the first floor.

Both the antique market and the art gallery are adding to a budding design and décor showroom district  as outlined in the Menomonee Valley 2.0 Plan. 


  1. Brass Light Gallery, 1101 W St. Paul Ave.
  2. House of Stone, 1701 W St. Paul Ave. 
  3. BBC Lighting, 2015 W St. Paul Ave.
  4. Guardian Fine Art Services, 1635 W St. Paul Ave.
  5. Riverview Antique Market, 2045 W St. Paul Ave.


“We recognized this area was right on the edge of starting to grow," said Richard Schmig of Plum Media.
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