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Menomonee Valley Workforce Transportation Survey

Access the Menomonee Valley Workforce and Transportation Survey here: .

Menomonee Valley Business Leader:

For the last two years, Menomonee Valley Partners (MVP) and the Valley Business Improvement District (BID 26) have been working to understand and address the workforce challenges facing Valley businesses.  We have found attraction of talent and retention of qualified employees to be a shared concern across nearly all companies, regardless of industry, sector, or business size.  We have also found many anecdotal stories of how hard employees work just to get to work, often walking from bus stops on Wisconsin Ave or National Ave to get to Valley locations. With the many challenges being faced by employers in attracting and retaining a skilled and reliable workforce to meet business needs, we recognize the importance of having relevant and timely data to help us understand the scope of issues and better plan for addressing them. 

To that end we are asking you to complete the Menomonee Valley Workforce and Transportation Survey. Participation in this survey is critically important in helping us to understand the Valley's workforce needs in the next two years, educate policy makers, access resources for the Valley to support training and other programs, inform infrastructure and transportation decisions, and address a range of barriers preventing candidates from accessing Valley jobs. 

The survey was created in partnership with MetroGO! and Employ Milwaukee.  All data shared will be anonymous and used only in aggregate form. Your responses are strictly confidential.  The survey will take 30 - 40 minutes to complete and closes on Tuesday, July 18.  Your timely completion of the survey is greatly appreciated. 


Corey Zetts 
Executive Director 
Menomonee Valley Partners, Inc.

John Brennan III
 Co-President JM Breannan, Inc.
 Chairman of the Menomonee Valley Business Improvement District

Valley businesses: Your participation in this survey is critically important. Survey deadline is Tuesday, July 18.
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