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hawthorn chimneysMenomonee Valley Partners, Inc. is a Section 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to revitalize and sustain the Menomonee Valley as a thriving urban district that advances economical, ecological, and social equity for the benefit of the greater Milwaukee community. 

We envision a thriving Valley with a well-balanced mix of industrial, recreational, and entertainment uses that strengthen Milwaukee:

  • economically, with strong companies and jobs near workers' homes; 
  • ecologically, with sustainable development and environmental stewardship; 
  • geographically, with renewed ties to surrounding neighborhoods; and 
  • equitably, with opportunities for all.

Since its inception in 1999, Menomonee Valley Partners, Inc. has served as the lead agency in the redevelopment of Milwaukee's Menomonee Valley. Once Wisconsin's most visible eyesore, the Valley has been transformed, becoming a national model in economic development and environmental sustainability. Three hundred acres of brownfields have been developed, 39 companies have moved to the Menomonee Valley, and more than 5,000 family-supporting jobs have been created. One million square feet of green buildings have been constructed and more than 60 acres of new trails and park space with 45 acres of native plants installed have led to improved wildlife habitat and water quality.

Watch the video, A Decade of Transformation, about the story of the Menomonee Valley.

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